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From the moment the first shot comes on the screen in panoramic
black and while, you know you're in for a special treat, and codirectors/
screenwriters Scott McGehee and David Siegel never disappoint, In
terms of pure originality and thought, this feature debut rises above
almost anything else produced this year. Simply put, it is a story of
mistaken identity and different points of view which underscore the
paradox hidden in the narrative Clay is the estranged half brother of
Vincent, with whom he is almost a twin, Vincent is wealthy, but has a
secretive past, he reestablishes contact with his half brother with the
intention of using Clay so he can assume another identity. When Clay
miraculously survives a murder attempt, he is hospitalized, suffering
from amnesia and the scars of the attack, but is presumed by everyone
to be Vincent. His struggle to piece together his life and reconstruct hiS
memory makes up the film's apparent story line, but the viewer must
constantly confront a vivid contradiction to that surface reality,

This is a film which works on a number of levels simultaneously the
philosophical, the imaginative and the narrative. It does so by undercutting
the basic assumptions which would normally allow us to enter
into the story and by making us aware of our particular perspective.
Although the film touches on issues ranging from identity to realism,
from transference to truth. it is far from an academic exercise. Instead
it's engaging and moving throughout, as well as visually superb, To say
that it's rare to find a work that manages to be as compelling in so many
ways as Suture still understates what a profound accomplishment it is.
—Geoffrey Gilmore

Friday Jan 21 6:00 pm
Tower Theatre. Salt Lake City

Saturday Jan 22 6:00 pm
Prospector Square Theatre

Tuesday Jan 25 10:20 am
Holiday Village Cinema II

Thursday Jan 21 10:20 pm
Holiday Village Cinema 11

Saturday Jan 29 3:30 pm
Park City library Center


— Geoffrey Gilmore

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