Walking and Talking

Institute History


What do you do when your best friend is getting married and you’re incredibly single? Fall in love with a homely guy who works at the video store who sleeps with you once and never calls you again? Rekindle a romance with an old boyfriend who is addicted to twelve step meetings, phone sex, and is trying ineptly to cope with his father’s Alzheimer’s disease? Take your sick cat to chemotherapy appointments before it decides to commit suicide?

And what if you’re the one who’s about to get married—and you suddenly feel this overwhelming sexual repulsion to your fiancé? Call it off and develop an uncontrollable crush on one of your psychiatric patients, when you already feel insecure as a therapist to begin with? Find fault with every little thing your fiancé does, like acting too nice to waitresses or disregarding a birthmark on his leg that you’re seriously convinced is eating him alive?

While the circumstances of Amelia and Laura’s difficult times may be drastically different, both friends are going through very much the same thing….growing out of their childhood and the friendship as they knew it, and entering into a time of change that tests not only their private worlds, but the world they’ve shared together.


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