Pî-Pî Kyodai

Institute History


The older brother Ikuo (Zenjiro) is small and wears glasses, the younger, Tatsuo (Kentaro Seagal) tall and handsome. The brothers form a duo, hoping to become the leading MANZAI comedy act in Japan.

But Ikuo's stubborn nature and Tatsuo's quick temper get in the way. They get nowhere at any of the comedy joints.

Out of money, the two grudgingly start working part-time for their parents' (Ittoku Kishibe/Yuko Tanaka) funeral home business. One day at a funeral, they come across a beautiful woman named Fumie (Mireiyu).

Having lost her mother, Fumie has debts to deal with; her sorrowful profile reveals all. Ikuo is filled with intense emotions after encountering Fumie for the first time in 20 years. She had always held a special place in his heart, ever since they were growing up. Tatsuo and Ikuo are performing their stand-up routine at a strip club in Juso, Osaka. Day in, day out, no matter how hard they try to work the audience with obscene jokes, all they receive are jeers instead of applause.

They are after all, simply a side-act to the exotic dancers. One day out of the blue, a TV director called Arisawa (Teruyuki Kagawa) appears before the brothers. "Do you want to go on television?" With this single sentence, the brothers' destiny changes dramatically, as if hurtled into a tempest . . .


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