1988 Sundance Film Festival

The program for this year's United States Film Festival included over 80 feature-length films and 26 shorts, among them SUPERSTAR, BROKEN NOSES, AU REVOIR LES ENFANTS, PROMISED LAND, CAMILLA, MOONSTRUCK, HAIRSPRAY, FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN, HEAT AND SUNLIGHT, DEAR AMERICA, and SOPHIA. The Festival honored Sam Fuller with screenings of 11 of his works, and new Argentine cinema was spotlighted in a showcase of 17 films. Other specials programs included the centennial celebration of the National Geographic Society, The Best of American Animation, and the introduction of the Discovery Program for emerging filmmakers.

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Rachel River

Excellence in Cinematography Award: Dramatic

Beirut: The Last Home Movie

Excellence in Cinematography Award: Documentary

Beirut: The Last Home Movie

Grand Jury Prize: Documentary

Heat and Sunlight

Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

Special Jury Prize Documentary

Dear America

Special Jury Prize Documentary

Lemon Sky

Special Jury Prize Dramatic

Rachel River

Special Jury Prize for Acting

The Brave Little Toaster

Special Jury Recognition

Richard Leacock

Documentary Competition Juror

Tim Cowling

Documentary Competition Juror

Christian Blackwood

Documentary Competition Juror

Gale Anne Hurd

Dramatic Competition Juror

Edward R. Pressman

Dramatic Competition Juror

Terry Southern

Dramatic Competition Juror

Tim Hunter

Dramatic Competition Juror

Lawrence Smith

Competition Selection Advisory Committee Member

Marjorie Skouras

Competition Selection Advisory Committee Member

John Pierson

Competition Selection Advisory Committee Member

Mitchell Block

Competition Selection Advisory Committee Member

Karen Cooper

Competition Selection Advisory Committee Member

Robert Hawk

Competition Selection Advisory Committee Member

Lourdes Portillo

Documentary Competition Juror

Tony Safford

Program Director, Sundance Film Festival

A King and His Movie (La Pelicula Del Rey)

Acting Our Age

Ain’t No King Coming

Anna Spilt the Oil

Arctic Wolves (working title)


Au Revoir Les Enfants (Goodbye, Children)

Bad Connection (Malayunta)

Barbeque Death Squad from Hell

Beirut: The Last Home Movie

Belinda in the Water


Black Menu

Break of Dawn

Broken Noses


Cannibal Tours

Coming of Age

Dear America

Dim Sum Take Out

Distant Harmony

Dogs of the Night (Perros de la Noche)

Drawing on my Mind

Easy Money (Plata Dulce)

Elvis ‘56

Evita: Listen If You Want To (Evita: Qien Quiea Oir Que Oica)

Fire From the Mountain

Fixed Bayonets

Friendship’s Death

George and Rosemary



Heat and Sunlight

Hell and High Water

I Shot Jesse James


John Huston & The Dubliners

John Lennon Sketchbook

Juan: As if Nothing Ever Happened (Juan: Coma si Nada Hubiera Sucedido)

Land of the Tiger


Lemon Sky

Loose Ends

Love is a Fat Woman (El Amor es Una Mujer Gorda)

Made in the USA

Miss . . . or Myth?



No Applause, Just Throw Money

Nobody’s Wife

Not Just Any Flower

Organic Fragment


Park Row


Patti Rocks

Photographer of the Year

Picture Window

Promised Land


Rachel River

Radio Bikini

Ray’s Male Heterosexual Dance Hall

Run of the Arrow

Shock Corridor

Signed: Lino Brocka


South of Reno

Soviet Circus, Inside the


Tangos: The Exile of Gardel (Tangos: El Ezilio De Gardel)


The Birthday Fish

The Brave Little Toaster

The Crimson Kimono

The Days of June (Los Dias de Junio)

The Family Album

The Golden Ass

The Great O’Grady

The Harshness of Destiny (Del Rigor del Destino)

The Houses are Full of Smoke

The Jogger

The Lost Republic: Part Two (La Republica Perdida II)

The Man Who Planted Trees

The Night of the Pencils (La Noche de Los Lapices)

The Price of Life

The Rhino War

The River Lethe

The Silence at Bethany

The Steel Helmet

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

Underworld U.S.A.


Walking on Water

Where the Heart Roams


White Dog

Whitney, John’s (to be announced)

Who Gets to Water the Grass

Zelly and Me

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